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Summer Knitting

With the hot weather, it can be hard to keep on knitting. I’ve had to set aside a couple of projects because the yarn’s just too warm to work with. An alpaca hat that I could have finished in a few days is on hiatus because it’s just too fuzzy. Instead, I’ve dug out a sweater that I keep meaning to finish. It’s knit with linen yarn, which is beautifully cool. ImageIs anyone else knitting with cotton, linen, hemp, or just hiding out somewhere with air conditioning? And is anyone else counting down the days until it gets cool again so you can knit with woolly yarn?

~Anna, FVKG


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Raining WWKIP Day!

Hello there! Today is our scheduled World wide knit in public day meet up at Douglas Park.

It’s raining.

We should meet up at McBurney’s Coffee shop for tea and a fun day out anyway. Same time. 1 pm in the afternoon. At least this means no one has to bring chairs! Hopefully it will clear a bit for us. See you there!

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