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back at it!

We are going to do a better job of providing updates here. Kinda how we used to.


We’ve just had our October meeting and it was small and cozy. It’s a 5-Wednesday month, which can be confusing, but the newsletter came out today – a great reminder.


We had 8 in attendance, and covered everything from ‘reading your knitting’ to cast-ons, and we had a round of in-progress and on-phone show and tell. Show and tell really is great. It’s where you can see what others have done, and maybe learn something about a yarn or a technique. At every meeting, try to come prepared to show and tell!


Our November meeting is occurring on the 4th Wednesday of the month and will be a potluck with a swap. Got yarn, needles or books that you want to swap? Bring it. More details to follow in the member newsletter.


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Summer Knitting

With the hot weather, it can be hard to keep on knitting. I’ve had to set aside a couple of projects because the yarn’s just too warm to work with. An alpaca hat that I could have finished in a few days is on hiatus because it’s just too fuzzy. Instead, I’ve dug out a sweater that I keep meaning to finish. It’s knit with linen yarn, which is beautifully cool. ImageIs anyone else knitting with cotton, linen, hemp, or just hiding out somewhere with air conditioning? And is anyone else counting down the days until it gets cool again so you can knit with woolly yarn?

~Anna, FVKG

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Hey gang, our next meeting is Wednesday the 27th at Christ the Redeemer in Surrey. The address is 16613 Bell Road and we begin the meeting at 7:30. Contact the guild email at fvknittingguild@gmail.com if you need directions or want to carpool

Our discussion will include Yarn Harvest Business and Constitution as well as a program on Socks! For all thouse attending we have been given homework. It’s in your newsletter, but here it is again, just in case. This is going to be a great program and it’s all hands on learning. Socks will be our topic in March too, as we are going to make a complete pair all together…. from the program leader herself.

Before you arrive in February, you have a tiny bit of homework. To make the most of this fully customizable pattern, you’ll want to bring a swatch of stockinette in the yarn you want, using the needles you want, to give you the fabric you want for socks.
What to bring to the Guild meeting:
Once you’ve found the knitted fabric you want, it’s time to commit. You’ll need to bring a circular needle of 40″. We can’t magic-loop two socks at a time with anything shorter or it’s really not fun.
You will also need 100g of sock yarn (more if you’re using worsted weight) that you’ve split in half. Alternatively, you can work from two 100g skeins/balls at the same time, and you should have enough left over to make another pair. I use a kitchen scale to split my skein.
If you’re using self-striping yarn, make sure that the two yarn balls are worked the same way … from the 100g ball, line up to start with start-of-first-half and start-of-second-half or end-of-first and end-of-second, unless you want funky socks that stripe oppositely.
If you’re not knitting for yourself, bring the measurements (in inches) of the person you’re knitting for – – length of foot from toe to heel and circumference of the foot around the ball of the foot.
Bring a flexible tape measure.
A couple of markers are a good idea – one for each sock to mark the start of the round.

Have a stitch pattern you really like? It’s completely doable with the customizable pattern we’re using. Feel free to modify the dead-boring sock we’re going to have as a base.

As an additional note, please bring socks, or other knitting your would like to show and tell. Any completed Jeweled Cowls would be fantastic…… we can take a group photo!

If you have never come and are thinking on trying our group out, please feel free, we would be thrilled to have you join us.

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June Events

Hello knitting friends!

June is the Month Of Knitting here at the FVKG……. or at least that’s the way it seems.

Thanks to everyone who made some time Saturday to help with a massive amount of ball-winding to prepare the donated yarn we have. Most will be used for Learn-to-knit kits at upcoming events. Many hands make light work they say. Yes, all those bags are filled will wee balls of yarn (and some not-so wee)


Not to worry if you couldn’t make it, there are plenty more events we need volunteers for coming up! So without further adooo…..

WWKIPD or World Wide Knit in Public Day is going to be a week this June Beginning on the 9th and going to the following weekend. Check your local shops for events, like at 88 Stitches in Walnut Grove who will be hosting knitters from noon to four on their patio. (Their is no note about rain/shine so if it’s grey, you may just want to shop)

Langley Days will be happening in Langley’s Douglas Park on June 16th and our guild will be hosting a table. Come by and join us for our informal knitting in public and help us talk to interested folks about learning to knit. Hopefully we can have some learn to knit kits and get some folks started right there! Bring some water and your latest project and join us it’s always a fun day!

Vancouver is hosting another Mini-MakerFaire June 23and 24th and we will be there again this year meeting folks and teaching people how to knit! We gave away at least 60+ lessons and kits last year and this year we are more prepared than ever! Should be fun, but just walking around the space and seeing all the amazing creative people Vancouver and the Lower mainland is home to was inspiring!

All events that the guild is attending will have a specific table set up for us with displays of knitting and our banner, if you can’t volunteer time at one consider another event coming up, just to give a breather to the other volunteers. A few hours is very welcome, not everyone can stay all day. Please contact the Guild via e-mail: fvknittingguild@gmail.com or if you know who organized the event let them know if you have time to help. Come one come all, and bring your family too!

Finally, the next Guild meeting will be June 27th at Christ the Redeemer Church 16613 Bell Road in Surrey. We meet in the basement in the large space by the playground. You can’t miss us.

Happy knitting folks! (and go ahead, punch that mime 😉

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Our May meeting was well attended and elections for our Guild Executive positions went well. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time for the upcoming year and thanks as well to those who worked for our Guild this past year. We run on volunteer positions and having folks willing to try their hand is what make s a guild stronger. New ideas and new voices are essential. Thanks again.

All elected positions will be noted in the guild minutes so check there if you have something to go to a specific person. Thanks to our Past President Cynthia for running the election process.

The main program presented to us was a historical and personal overview of our main tool: Needles by John.


Both a historical overview with questions from the audience and a discussion on personal preferences. John has several interesting types of needles in this collection including circulars with steel cables that date before WWII. Everyone had a different preferences and some of the group discussion was about certain needles for e specific jobs. Find metal needles too slippery for lace? Try wood or bamboo. The type of material is just as important as the way the needle feels in your hand.

John also showed us his personal method for keeping his needles organized.


This is a binder that he is getting ready for a family member and it includes places for tools as well as both straight and circular needles. He also had a way to keep the main group of his circular needles in order using photo sleeves.


Thanks so much John for your informative and interesting talk on a tool that we all rely on for our favorite hobby. See you next meeting!

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On Friday, three Guild members got together to do a little blocking.

First we soaked Lisa’s shawl in warm water and SOAK for about 20 minutes. Then we laid it out on a towel…


… rolled it up…


… and pressed down on it like crazy!


Then we took it into the office and laid it out on the blocking pads.


We pinned the points first…


… then the peaks along the bottom edge.


And finally we added blocking wires along the top edge…


… and pinned them into place.


We’re pleased with our efforts. (Belle the Dog carefully supervised the whole process.)


Then we blocked Lisa’s Austin Hoodie. She’s finished the body and is ready to sew up the shoulders and add the sleeves.


It has lovely texture.


My blocking the next day, for my Heart of Wales Shawl, didn’t go quite as well.


What’s that? A HOLE?!


After I laying down in a dark room for a while to recover, I determined that there was no broken thread — I apparently just didn’t catch all the loops in one of the k3tog. I’m pretty sure I can fix it, but… well fooey anyway!

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First I’d like to offer a big welcome to our guests and new members at the last meeting. Thanks so much for joining us!

A big thanks goes to Jenny for her fantastic presentation on Cowichan Sweaters. It was well researched and full of interesting history on an iconic knitted tradition.It wasn’t just about the sweaters, but the beginning of the use of wool in the region itself. How sweaters evolved from woven blankets. The wool from the special breed of dogs was especially interesting. Thanks so much!

We had a great discussion afterward, where many members shared their memories of “Mary Maxim” sweater kits. Visiting the cultural museum on the island, as well as the sweater controversy during the 2010 Olympics.

Books recommended by our hostess: “Working with Wool” and “Cowichan Indian Knitting”

Hope to see you in March at Fibers West  March 16 and 17th where the guild will have a table for information and we will be  winding up yarn for folks picking up goodies. Look forward to seeing you there!

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