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December is here!

Welcome to a new month Guild member and guests of all knitting and fiber persuasions.

Our usual modus operandi during December is to have a potluck and socially knit in the lovely home of our member Maureen. Any member who needs the address please contact our membership through the guild e-mail. The potluck will be December 5th. Be there or be square! Have a great holiday and enjoy the weather that inspires so many knits!


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Hello gang…. our next meeting is November 28, 7:30pm. Please see our main information page for location, and we hope to see you out.

We have some homework! Gather that stash you don’t know what to do with anymore. Bring a swatch or all the yarn in and join in on an interesting program.

November program topic: What Can I Make From This Yarn?

It happens to all of us: you have this really nice yarn, but don’t know what to make it into. Bring it to our next meeting and draw on the creative brainstorming skills of the gathered knitters to help you along. Does it want to be a sweater? A baby blanket? Mittens? We’ll share tips, inspiration, and perhaps even see what the Ravelry pattern database can suggest.

As always contact the guild at the e-mail address if you need to ask a question.

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The edge of a Bitter root shawl beaded.

That’s right folks, the program this month will be adding beads in your knitting with a crochet hook. If that sounds odd, be not afraid! All will be revealed in the meeting demos.
On that note, there is some participation that is required to prepare you for this meeting.

Please use sock or equivalent weight yarn and cast 40 stitches on a size needle that you feel comfortable with (I used a 4mm). Knit no more than 15 rows in straight stitch but, this is not a gauge specific project.
If you don’t knit in sock weight, let the guild know so we can bring some along.

If you have a crochet hook in size 1 or smaller it would be great if you could bring it along as well. The more we have the better.

In addition, several guild members have been discussing a new Knit- a-long project Including very easy openwork and beads on lace weight.
Anyone who would like to join in is welcome to cast on with the group at the meeting. This gives everyone a chance to troubleshoot a bit with folks who have used smaller beads before.
The pattern is a free download on Ravelry called the Jeweled Cowl.
It calls for one skein of Malibrigo lace weight (or of course the lace weight of your preference.) and 728, size 8 seed beads.
Size 6 beads would also be acceptable.
This may sound like a lot, but vial containers of beads typically hold 500 beads each. Stop by a local bead shop to find these beads. The staff should be able to direct you to these sizes. You may also want to take along your yarn to match or contrast as you see fit.
The pattern is knit on a 5mm needle in the round and the size crochet hook you would need is a US 14 or 0.75mm

Please join us in some hands-on learning this month and hopefully the beginning of a bevy of beautifully beaded cowls! This is a great technique to know, it comes in handy as an alternative to stringing your beads.
As always guest and visitors are welcomed and encouraged to participate, please bring the materials listed above and join in!

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Yarn Harvest Survey!

WE have a live survey for any and all participants!
Please check it out and give us some feedback.

If you are one of the fantastic Yarn shops, feel free to  fill in the survey as well, but there will be a shop focused list of questions out to you more directly within the week.

Thanks everyone for your time and helping us to make this event better!

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Gina Brown’s Yarn in Vancouver is a generational yarn store: the original Gina Brown’s is out in Calgary, and her granddaughter runs the shop out here. It’s a fun store to visit–there’s a wall of Cascade 220, the right kind of yarn for knitting Cowichan sweaters, some great sock yarns, and plenty of notions. There’s some spinning fibre, too. They’ve got a ramp leading down into the store, so it’s easily handicapped-accessible.

Kristina offers a variety of classes and she’s got some scheduled for October and November if you want to check them out.

You can find Gina Brown’s at 3424 West Broadway, Vancouver. I usually drop in on my way back from doing research at UBC (I’m a grad student, they have great libraries), and naturally I forgot to take pictures in my haste to buy yarn in the exact right shade of midnight blue for a pair of socks.

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Sweet Georgia Yarns in Vancouver started out as a small local dyer. Now they have a shop location, with their dyeing workshop in the back. Yarns and fibres from Sweet Georgia have beautiful, rich, saturated hues, and are made from lovely, high-quality bases. They’re adding a new yarn this fall, a fluffy blend of mohair and silk, that you’ll be able to check out if you visit.

Skeins that don’t make the grade for matching their intended colourway get a new life as seconds, discounted yarns that are still gorgeous and available for sale.

You might also get to take a look in back, where they have skeins of newly-dyed yarn drying, waiting to be labeled.

Sweet Georgia also offers spinning wheels for rent, which you can take a look at out in the front of the store. Their new location, 110-408 East Kent Avenue South, has lots of parking available. They’re absolutely worth a visit!

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The Knit & Stitch Shoppe in West Vancouver is a great shop to visit. It’s like going to a secret cave full of yarny treasure.

It’s one of the largest yarn shops I’ve ever seen, and nearly every inch is filled with yarn. This is the place to go if you’re looking for a specific colour in one of the many lines of yarn that they carry.

Check them out at 2460 Marine Drive, West Vancouver.

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